As of 2021, I am a PhD candidate in Linguistics at Stanford University with a focus on sociophonetics. In general I am interested in how our theories of lexical access can accomodate theories of socially-mediated sound change. My in-progress dissertation work is investigating part of this question: do the linguistic memories we use to recognize speech include haptic context and are the effects consistent with sociolinguistic theories of embodiment. My research page has more extensive information on my academic work, so this page covers the not-so-academic stuff I find enjoyable in my free time.

My hobbies tend to center around the free culture movement which incorporates free software and free knowledge. I believe our contributions to human knowledge should be accesible to all, and that our technological achievements should guarantee the right for others to distribute and build upon our work. I also just like to code. My software contributions are covered on the software page and my broader contributions are covered on the free culture page.

For fun, I can usually be found playing chess or tinkering with electronics. I’m a member of the United States Chess Federation, though I am unrated in over-the-board play given limited opportunities during the pandemic. I also build and repair electronics. If you see a nest of wires or circuit boards behind me, it’s likely I’m in the middle of a project such as refurbishing broken nintendo consoles or modding my Playstation so that it connects to LED light strips. I have many other interests, but as of writing these are the two I’m working on most.