A short post, but exciting still! I’m excited to start on a new outreach project, The Language Lab, a YouTube channel which will cover cutting-edge linguistics research for general audiences. Using creative non-fiction, multi-media demonstrations, and expert interviews, The Language Lab will invite viewers to explore the frontiers of linguistic science and learn about the ideas and passions which go into knowledge creation.

The project is still in its planning phase, but I’m excited for the support I’ve already received! The Lingthusiasm podcast has offered a grant for start-up costs, and Emily Remirez is working on branding. I’ve been talking with Kevin McGowan and Zion Mengesha about their work to prepare some early videos. I’m looking forward to working with more people and sharing the amazing work being done with the world!

A lot of my inspiration comes from Numberphile and Adam Ragusea, two channels that I really enjoy. While they often deal with complex topics and questions, they work hard to engage the audience by sharing a researcher’s passion and bringing us along for the ride. We all got into linguistics because it is interesting, and while the specific questions can become pretty complex, the same curiosity that led us there can lead others there too. There’s a lot of work still to do, but I look forward to more updates on what’s to come!